" There is no boat better than a horoscope
to help a man cross over
the sea of life."

- Varahamihira

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In the present times people are going through really tough phase and are often seen stuck with relationship issues, career, financial concerns, education, health and various other aspects.


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When people are unable to find any hope in life then astrological predictions come to the rescue and provide a new direction in life. We hold absolute mastery in providing astrological readings and various other services in the domain of gemology, vastu, numerology etc.

Our motive is to help the people so that they can know about their past, present and future with perfect clarity and with our services you will surely get a new direction in life.

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We excel in various domains like astrology, gemology, vastu, numerology etc. and thus if you need any help in these areas then you can contact us without having second thoughts in mind. We will provide the predictions in an unsurpassable manner and be it any kind of problem in your life we will help you through our unmatchable services.



Astrology is a comprehensive analysis of the movements and the relative positions of celestial bodies.

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Gemology is a specialized branch of science that analyzes the impact of various gemstones on human life.

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Numerology helps in creating a relationship between numbers and specified events in a human’s life.

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Vastu or you can say vastu shastra is a traditional architectural system followed in Hindu traditions.

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You can ask your predictions from our expert astrologer and we are always there to guide you. Just submit your basic details like name, age, date of birth, place of birth etc and we will provide you the desired information you are desperately looking for. Our services can be accessed globally and all the help is instantly available through our online platform.

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Note: After your payment we will get back to you through e-mail in 2 working days, with detailed solutions *

If you want to come to us directly then call & fix the appoinment (Rs.2000 / per head). *

Offer: If you ask three or more questions Horoscope / jadhagam will also be provided along with the prediction. *

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You should undoubtedly choose us because we will provide you highly accurate predictions and by implementing our suggestions in daily life you will notice wonderful results very soon.

You can completely trust the fact that your information will be kept highly confidential and no misuse will be done in relation to private data.

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We have for you astrological predictions, numerological findings, gemology and vastu based suggestions. Thus, be it any of these areas we will make sure that you get accurate information for decision making.


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